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SPADB is the most advanced database system that monitors and records data in real-time. Our data are constantly verified to maintain its accuracy and all these are done through means of advanced technologies.

With the rise in popularity of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) - allowing mobile subscribers to change network whilst keeping their original, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure validity of mobile numbers. Our platform uses real-time HLR Lookup (Home Location Register) to effectively verify the validity of every single mobile numbers in our databases.

SPADB system also validate email addresses in our databases by sending pings to the email addresses. Emails that respond with invalid status will be automatically removed from our databases.

In addition, SPADB system scans multiple sources to ensure that agents listed in our databases are actively registered with CEA. In the event where any agent switches agencies or ends the CEA registration, our system will be updated automatically. Our system is currently the most advanced in our industry that no other vendor matches our platform capabilities.

SPADB offers our property agent database at a pricing that is a lot lower than other vendors. Because of our automation technologies, SPADB is able to reduce the amount of manual efforts while maintaining a high level of accuracy. With a lower operation overhead, SPADB is able to offer our data at promotion price of only $499 SGD per copy. Don't miss our promotion offer, buy the database today.


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